Align production and sales teams on what drives profit in your business
Profit Velocity’s data visualization and analytics system is used by manufacturers with broad customer and product portfolios to tap previously unseen revenue and profit gain opportunities. Our unique time-based profit analysis & planning platform enables decision-makers to make precise shifts in pricing, production and sales management strategies that typically add 150bps – 350bps to EBITDA margin.

A game-changing approach

Profit Velocity brings the production, sales, and finance teams together and gets them aligned in a whole new understanding of what drives profit in your business.

Delivers rapid results and high ROI

Reveals hidden pockets of profit

Provides real time modeling of “What-if” scenarios

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$2B Asian electronic components manufacturer used the PV System to prioritize incoming orders based on how fast they would flow profits through critical new equipment. This ramped up unit volume and revenue and increased operating profit from 41% to 51%.


The PV System enabled a $2B US packaging manufacturer to increase operating margins from 11% to 16%, and annual operating profit by $88 million within two years, an amount equal to 4% of revenue.


A leading global supplier of metal and plastic containers used the PV System to optimize production capacity. This increased cash contribution by over $2 million on a $28 million line of products and freed an additional 2,329 hours of machine time.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Profit Velocity is the missing link that enables manufacturers to align sales and production teams to generate higher profits.”- Benson Shapiro, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School
“The profit per minute information revealed by Profit Velocity enabled us to make changes that we believe increased cash flow by millions of dollars.”- Gretchen Haggerty, Senior Vice President & Treasurer, U.S. Steel
“We've known for a long time that what we really sell our customers is time on our mills. We also knew that if we could price and manage this time more effectively, we could offer customers more value and make more money at the same time.”- Executive Vice President, a major North American steel company

Profit Velocity’s proven methodology has created millions in previously untapped EBITDA for a large variety of manufacturing companies. See how Profit Velocity can grow your business today.

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