Our mix-management tool helps manufacturers grow profits by 450 basis points or more.

By accessing data that’s readily available in your ERP and supply-chain systems, Profit Velocity identifies large profit opportunities that lay hidden in your operations in just 2 to 4 weeks. We then set up a fully configured operating system in 6 to 8 weeks that enables you to generate significant profit gains with only small adjustments to your product mix and customer mix.
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How we're helping Stelco maximize profits

Profit Velocity’s data analytics platform has enabled Stelco to visualize the margin per hour that each of its 8,000+ products generates. This insight helps Stelco’s sales, production and finance teams collaborate more closely as well as forecast with great precision how proposed changes on the revenue and cost side will improve profitability.

Find out how much you can grow profits.

Answer four questions about your operations to generate a report on how many basis points our platform can improve your profits by.

Do you know precisely how fast your products are making money? We do.

Why are you only using margin analysis to measure profits?

If you’re focused on margin per unit, you don’t actually know which products and customers provide the best and worst return on assets. Let us show you how to break free from this old ‘margin analysis’ paradigm with analytics that let you turn data into precise measurements of profit per time.

We changed all that.

You’ll be amazed by the unique perspective and true ‘profit vision’ you’ll gain with our time-based profit data visualizations. It’s no exaggeration to say that a whole world of new possibilities will open up to you with our manufacturing profitability analysis and the previously invisible manufacturing KPI that our platform reveals.

Let us show you which products earn profits 8x faster!

It’s hard to believe, but most complex manufacturers generate cash at least eight times faster in their best 20% of production hours than in their worst 20%. Unfortunately, they’re unable to address this problem because their manufacturing analytics simply do not reveal it. They have not yet integrated the right data sets to visualize this huge gap, let alone act on it. Profit Velocity solves this by sifting through the sea of data to compute the manufacturing KPI few businesses even track – margin per machine hour.

Our time-based profit analytics are a game changer.

Until recently, it’s been impossible to quantify precisely how fast manufacturing products produce money. Management teams pay a great deal of attention to their manufacturing KPIs, but, almost without exception, they have no access to profit per hour – the supremely important indicator of a factory’s success. The game has changed with our new approach to measuring profit per time. We provide our clients with a comprehensive playbook on how to increase their ‘profit velocity,’ enabling them to continuously ‘high grade’ their product and customer mix despite constantly changing market conditions.

How do you fit into this picture?

Our partners and clients work in two areas – Mergers & Acquisitions and Performance Improvement.

Find the role below that fits you best and see what Profit Velocity can do for you.


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If you have questions, let’s schedule a 15-minute call to see if our solution is right for your needs. Typically, our platform is most effective in growing profits for manufacturers that have 500+ SKUs, an ERP system in place and annual revenue of $100 million or more.

Why time-based metrics matter in 60 seconds

This video shows why adding the element of time is so vital for understanding product costing and profit generation. Only by focusing on profit per machine hour can you determine how to use the same machines to generate more profit.

Get the eBook on how to capture hidden manufacturing profits

Time-based profit analytics are revolutionizing the way manufacturers view profitability. Rather than simply focusing on profit per unit, this advanced new profitability analysis factors in production time to yield the most important of all manufacturing KPIs – profit per unit per hour. Access this eBook to find out how to pinpoint and capture previously hidden profit gain opportunities by running simple ‘what if’ planning sessions and making subtle shifts in your product line rationalization.

Featured Case Studies

Profit Velocity collaborates with consultants, private equity investors and manufacturing management teams throughout North America, Asia and Europe. Find out how we help companies increase their annual profits by tens of millions of dollars by adopting smart manufacturing strategies that include rethinking their product pricing and product line rationalization tactics.

Electronics Case Study

Find out how we helped a leading electronic components maker in Asia drive up profit per machine hour by an incredible 400%, increase operating margin for its new product family from 41% to 51% and add $10 million its bottom line each year.

Packaging Case Study

See how we gave a world-class packaging manufacturer the visibility to change how it viewed its product costing and which contracts to focus on, renegotiate or walk away from. Based on our insights, the company increased operating margins from 11% to 16% and annual operating profit by $88 million in just two years.

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