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The Profit Breakthrough Company

Time is more critical than ever. At Profit Velocity we understand. Our unique time-based analytics and process quickly expose and capture hidden profit.

Time-Based Profit Analytics Software

Profit Velocity found the solution to the chronic dilemma’s complex manufactures face. A unifying metric of Profit Per Hour. Our platform is not your typical static profit calculation but a real-time algorithm which has been refined over the past 10 years to uncover profit at the product and customer level.


EBITDA Basis Points

Our Solutions at Work

“Sales, Operations and Finance are now on the same page.” – STELCO

Velo Negotiation

Acceleration Process

Beyond the data. Our commercial excellence experts work with your team to identify gaps, blockages, and opportunities. These action plans drive insights into EBITDA improvements.


Eliminate Price Leakage

Maximize Cash Flow

De-risk Volume Loss