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Profit Velocity is led by experts in business analytics, strategic growth, commercial excellence, operations management, finance and software development. Our leadership team is dedicated to helping our manufacturing clients achieve significantly higher revenue and profit by leveraging our unique technology and capabilities. 

Michael Rothschild

CEO & Founder

Michael Rothschild founded Profit Velocity over a decade ago to create the next generation of business analytics and enable complex manufacturers to dramatically improve profitability and shareholder returns. Early in his career, Michael authored Bionomics: Economy as Ecosystem, which The Wall Street Journal called “Revolutionary…signaling a fundamental shift in the way people should think about economics.” His paradigm-shifting work on the economy has been featured in Forbes, New York Times, Economist, Fortune, Financial Times and Strategic Finance. He began his career with Boston Consulting Group where he focused on improving the operating financial performance of industrial manufacturers. Michael earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a JD from Harvard Law School.

Jeff Mancuso

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Mancuso leads Profit Velocity’s operations including client solutions, pre-sales, data configuration & support, and product management, development. He leverages 20+ years of experience working for both large management consulting firms (Deloitte, Accenture) and software startups with a primary focus on business development. Jeff has helped many companies solve crucial business problems that were holding them back from realizing their full business potential. For emerging companies, he has built and managed key departments and processes around sales/pre-sales, customer success, business development, product marketing, professional services, and product management.

Katie Melder

Chief Customer Officer

Katie is our commercial leader and expert in catalyzing customer management as a result of driving insights to action.  She is vital to the success of business development and to our long-term growth strategy.  Katie manages our commercial team that deliver product in a manner that increases both speed-to-installation as well as speed-to-value to ensure client success.  Katie has 20-years of experience building  partnerships where true collaboration and co-innovation not only happen but thrive.

Christine Dalrymple

Vice President of Customer Success & Value Management  

Christine leads our Customer Success team. She and her team drive step function profit improvement by catalyzing deep and inspired customer engagement with our methodology and technology. Christine has 20+ years of experience managing large recurring revenue relationships and strategic partnerships. She has expertise in leveraging the disciplines of value management to drive ingenious collaboration and meaningful, actionable insights.

Tim Joseph

Vice President of Sales & Business Development  

Tim leads the Sales & Business Development and Marketing teams.  He is critical to motivating our customers to operate “differently better” in an intentional manner. He has experience leveraging buyer behavior-based segmentation in industrial businesses to drive the full profit potential of the enterprise and managing strategic partnerships. 

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