Win ‘The Price Is Right’ Every Day in Manufacturing

Win ‘The Price Is Right’ Every Day in Manufacturing

MAY 4, 2020 | BLOG Win ‘The Price Is Right’ Every Day in ManufacturingThe long-running TV gameshow ‘The Price Is Right’ gives contestants the chance to win cash and take home big prizes if they are good at naming the right price for various products. The manufacturing...

How Predictive Analytics are Disrupting Manufacturing

Profit Velocity’s predictive manufacturing analytics show you how changes will impact profitability. You can scan through numbers on a spreadsheet to analyze the results or generate colorful charts to visualize where each product lands on the profitability scale in different scenarios.

The One Manufacturing KPI that Matters

The ‘profit per unit’ analysis most manufacturers focus on does not address the speed of profits whatsoever. This is why having a profitability analysis that uses time-based analytics gets manufacturers and investors on the same page.

Targeting Your ‘Hidden Winners’ and ‘False Profits’ to boost EBITDA

To chart the best path to reach your profit goal on time, you first need to understand the true return on assets of each item you make. The flaw in traditional manufacturing analytics is that it doesn’t provide a true picture of production cost per unit. Without precisely factoring in production time, you cannot accurately calculate total manufacturing costs.

Solving the Hate-Hate Relationship of Sales and Production

At far too many of the manufacturing companies we’ve encountered, Sales and Production are at odds, if not at each other’s throats. Blame and resentment between those who make products and those who sell them is often at a slow boil, weakening the organization and eating into the bottom line.

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