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Profit Velocity has worked with consultants, private equity investors and manufacturing management teams throughout North America, Asia and Europe. Find out how we helped companies increase their annual profits by tens of millions of dollars by rethinking their product line rationalization strategies.

Electronics Case Study

Find out how we helped a leading electronic components maker in Asia drive up profit per machine hour by an incredible 400%, increase operating margin for its new product family from 41% to 51% and add $10 million its bottom line each year.

Packaging Case Study

See how we gave a world-class packaging manufacturer the visibility to change how it viewed its product costing and which contracts to focus on, renegotiate or walk away from. Based on our insights, the company increased operating margins from 11% to 16% and annual operating profit by $88 million in just two years.

Our work with complex manufacturers across a broad array of industries has made one point unmistakably clear. When executives make even modest shifts to product and customer mix based on profit-per-time metrics, they are able – time and time again – to add an astonishing 3% to 5% of revenue to their bottom line.

We know this sounds too good to be true. We’ve heard that more than a few times. But the data is the data, and the results are the results. Highly complex manufacturers are unknowingly sitting on huge reserves of incremental profit buried deep in their data. But lacking time-based profit metrics, they simply cannot see the cash and profit flows they already own.

Profit Velocity Reports

Profit Velocity and Data Quality

We take data very seriously. Our goal is to wring the most powerful profit insights from the least possible amount of raw data. This article walks you through the eight essential data elements needed for our analytical platform to produce our time-based metrics and data visualizations. You’ll also find out why your readily available transaction data can become so valuable – when analyzed from a time-based perspective.

Shareholders Pay for ROA

This article from Strategic Finance reviews the thinking behind Profit Velocity’s approach to manufacturing profitability analysis. You’ll discover the enormous gap that exists between the need for timely, actionable, profit-optimizing information and the capabilities of traditional unit-based profit analytics. You’ll also find out how Profit Velocity became the first company to translate the strategic financial goal of maximizing Return on Assets (ROA) into a practical analytical platform and methodology for growing profits.


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How to make sense of all your data.

This video shows why adding the element of time is so vital for understanding profit generation. Only by focusing on profit per machine hour can you determine how to use the same machines to generate more profit.

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